Who we Are

The Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority (PMRA) was established by the Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority (PMRA) Act No.9 of 2019 to regulate Medicines, allied substances and the exercise of the pharmaceutical profession in Malawi. The new Act was gazetted on 1st October 2019 and the Authority is currently in the process of developing regulations for the new Act.

The Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority (PMRA) Act of 2019 transforms the Board into an Authority with an expanded mandate to regulate Allied Substances [Acaricides, Cosmetics, disinfectants, food Supplements, feed additives and supplements, traditional medicines, medical and surgical sundries, medical devices, reagents and condoms in addition to medicines.

Other new regulatory areas include pharmacovigilance, quality control, import permits, and the revision of fines and penalties to ensure that they are stiff and deterrent enough against illegal medicine handling practices.


To promote and improve the health of the population of Malawi through the regulation of pharmacy personnel, Pharmacy Businesses and medicines.


To be trusted and independent regulatory agency in the quality assurance safety, efficacy and promotion of health commodities and pharmaceutical services in Malawi.

Core Values

  • Highly motivated
  • Customer-focused
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Open and timely communication
  • Continuous learning (open-minded)
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Confidentiality