Notice of August, 2024 Registration Exams for Pharmacy Personnel

The Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority (PMRA) hereby announces that registration examinations for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technologists and Pharmacy Assistants will be administered as follows:

Date (s)1st – 2nd August, 20241st – 2nd August, 20241st – 2nd August, 2024
VenueGrand Palace HotelCrossroads HotelVictoria Hotel

Eligible candidates who are interested to sit for these examinations are requested to confirm to PMRA by submitting duly filled registration application form with all required documents not later than 17h00 of 13th July, 2024.

Application forms for both new applicants as well as those resitting the examinations, can be accessed on PMRA website or directly from PMRA office’s reception.

For further information and/or clarification please contact PMRA on 0999 708 450 / 0881 790 993/0999379544 or email at