Who we are

The Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority (PMRA) is a statutory organization established by the PMRA Act No. 9 of 2019 to regulate medicines, allied substances [Acaricides, Cosmetics, disinfectants, food Supplements, feed additives and supplements, traditional medicines, medical and surgical sundries, medical devices, reagents and condoms] and the practice of the pharmacy profession in Malawi.

Our Mission

To safeguard the health of the population of Malawi through assurance of the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and allied substances; and enforcement of standards for the pharmacy practice.

Our Vision

The trusted and independent regulator of medicines, allied substances and the pharmacy profession in Malawi.

Our Core Values

  1. Professionalism – we are competent, highly motivated and are result-oriented.
  2. Client-centrism – we are customer-centred, and communicate openly and in a timely manner.
  3. Teamwork – we embrace collaboration and partnerships within and without.
  4. Integrity – we are confidential, honest, accountable and transparent.
  5. Innovation – we continuously learn and improve.

Our Core Functions

  1. Regulation of premises for pharmacy business
  2. Regulation of pharmacy personnel and medical representatives
  3. Regulation of medicines and allied substances
  4. Regulation of clinical trials
  5. Vetting of medicines and allied substances advertisement promotional materials
  6. Quality control testing of medicines and allied substances
  7. Medicine and vaccine safety monitoring
  8. Issuance of import and export permits, narcotic licenses and authorization of donations.